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D-Wave processors are like GPUs

The fact that D-Wave's processors can run a certain benchmark faster than other silicon (be it traditional CPUs or GPUs) should not be surprising. Just thing about how much faster GPUs could (and still do) run various benchmarks faster than traditional CPUs. Creating a specialized piece of silicon to accelerate certain operations is commonplace. The fact that D-Wave has essentially fit this TTT metric to their particular processor's capabilities and produced results that outpace other hardware is certainly no proof at all of quantum behaviour. Nobody thought GPUs were quantum just because they could blow away CPUs on the same task, but then again the GPU vendors were not claiming quantum behavior because unlike D-Wave, their processors' inner workings can, and are, explained in detail to us. IF D-Wave has a true quantum computer, let's see it match Shor's algorithm for high-speed integer factorization of some substantially large number (like a 232 digit number, a la RSA-768). It's not happening.

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