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It's the reason that's important

"Not basing traffic management on packet attributes that are irrelevant for said management."

On a highway toll booth, cars with the "already paid elsewhere" sticker, the VIP marker or the blue light may pass quickly. The rest should be an amalgamated mass. Once vans of delivery company X are suspiciously often held up compared to vans of delivery company Z, something is going on. But then the contract should stipulate a max delay time for 99% of the time or penalties.

If there are daily jams, you may want to consider using our VIP#2 lane, usable for a low, low fee... (and then you have to hope that the next tool booth is either owned by the same operator or is contractually bound to you, too)

In the software world, there is talk about moving away from the "Not responsible, LOL" EULA model for paid-for software. Is it time to move away from the "best effort, LOL" EULA model for packet delivery?

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