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It's about censorship not being neutral.

Having paid good money to an ISP that restricted the sites and addresses I could access, and even called me on the phone (not email) to say they did not like the sites I was visiting (including any .ru sites) or the software I was using to do so I know first hand what "net neutrality" can look like.

When your most important connection to information is being controlled, for profit or information content or both, you end up being controlled. Even if you know the information is being selected for you "your" ideas and thoughts on topics will fall into line. Sure there are work arounds but they take effort and on topics of little concern you, me, we do not make that effort, we just accept the information that is being fed to us.

Maybe it would be better to just call it what it is, censorship.

If you make it harder, or require people to pay, to find uncensored or unthrottled content, they won't, they will

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