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This whole debate reminds every other debate which focusses on the rights and obligations of people towards 'economic free goods'.... air, water, land, sunshine, plants to eat, routes to travel along, routes to transmit emf radiation across, routes to transmit electrons over...

Every one is seen as a single 'something'. But they are not. Each is like a blank sheet of paper. It can be used for innumerable purposes by innumerable people. WHAT IS YOUR INTERNET? A replacement for the 'penny post'? A replacement for the morning newspaper? A replacement for the evening down the pub with your friends? An community policing 'bobby on the beat'? A corporate telephone tie-line network around the world? A TV service? A cinema? A sports stadium? A remote control panel for your factory floor? AN ADVERTISING DELIVERY CHANNEL?

We have rules and regulations governing almost every aspect of use and implementation of the 'legacy' versions of every one of these 'products' and 'tools'. We often have government departments and ministers dedicated to each one of the areas they serve.... but they are domain specific. We do not have a global 'Department of Transport' and supporting body of legislation for each modality. They are confined to national boundaries. We all use similar vehicles, and can use them cross-border, but have to operate them under different sets of rules as we cross boundaries according to what vehicle we use and for what purpose we are using it.

We accept toll-roads, bus lanes, car-club lanes, diversions and outright closed off no-go areas. If you are all happy with that model, which also has some international agreement on basics, then look no further for ideas.... But don't be surprised when when Internet equivalent of Egypt, France and the UK choke off 'their' Suez Canal, or the USA and Panama choke off 'their' Panama, or Turkey 'their' Bosphorus... the fighting will continue.

Or you Techies can learn from the History of transportation and the Political Science face of economic competition and use what you find axiomatically useful and create real solutions for this new real world problem... time to 'stand on the shoulders of giants'... like we always have had to do in the past, and still do. The problem is sociological, the solution is economic and political... its implementation will rely upon our technology. Time to get togetther!!! Solve this one and you will change everything..... A real technological revolution? Viva!

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