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The protest isn't about charging for different levels of service since they already do so. IE $50/month for 1 Mbps up/down or $80/month for 10 Mbps up/down.

The problem is after I have paid for that level of service they then want to charge again to ensure specific things go the speed I already paid to receive. If I paid for the 10 Mbps plan then I should get Netflix (or any other service) at that rate. The ISP should NOT be slowing it down to 1 Mbps unless Netflix (or I) cough up more money.

To use your phone example. If you bought a smart phone you expect to receive the same quality connection regardless of what company you call. If it was like the net then you will find you only get clear stable calls to companies that pay extra. If you call companies that don't pay extra most of the time the network will be busy and the times you do get through the calls are staticy and drop regularly. Furthermore, due to the high rates only big established companies can pay so it harms all small local businesses since no one can have a decent call with them.

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