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Net neutrality: How to spot an arts graduate in a tech debate

Graham Marsden

@DavCrav - take the road network for the UK.

> How about we make that network neutral, by removing all rules for right of way, so that all road users are treated equally all the time.

You miss the point.

Imagine you're on a three lane Motorway and find that Lane 3 has been bought by the Ford Motor Company

That Lane has a 100mph speed limit but can *only* be used by people driving Ford Cars.

Meanwhile Lanes 1 and 2 have to take all the other traffic and have had their speed limits reduced to 60mph and even then you'll be lucky if you can do that because you've got "crawler races" with one HGV is trying to overtake another at 1mph faster.

*THAT* is what Net Neutrality is about, minus all the petty sneers about Arts Graduates and other such BS.

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