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Net neutrality: How to spot an arts graduate in a tech debate

Joe Gurman

Except that....

As interesting as Mr. Orlowski's presentation of the report, and the principles underlying them, may be, a theoretical net neutrality or its impossibility is obfuscation: what most people mean by the term is not countenancing deep-pocketed players' doing better than stochastic usage would predict, all the time, while the rest of punters always do worse. Would Mr. Orlowski feel less aggrieved I f we pushed our glued-together, Coke-bottle lensed glasses higher up on our noses, adjusted our pocket protectors, and held up banners demanding a statistically fair network, where Netflix, Amazon, and each of has the same expectation of latency and bandwidth as a fraction of advertised "up to" values?

If nothing else, one of the principal advocates of net eutrality has been Google, er, Alphabet, not a firm known for the liberal arts (as we call it in the States) background of its senior management.

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