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For thos bitching about MS

You are talking about standards and optional systems.

If it's REQUIRED to make the system comply with international standards, then FRAND should take place. If it's not required, then feel free to charge what you want.

So something to make a phone work on a cell network, should be FRAND, to make it work with Facebook, would not need be.

So complaining FAT, which is not required to make Linux work, is not licensed under FRAND is irrelevant.

Now I'm not defending MS's history on many things, but you lot are cutting of your nose to spite your face, as this potentially affects EVERY mobile player out there, inducing companies way smaller than Microsoft.

Seriously guys, lose this sad hatred of <insert hated company here> and take a look at each thing on a case by case basis, most big companies are complete fuckers at some point. I know of no large company that doesn't shit on people somewhere along the line.

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