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Speeds have dropped over the past 12 months and I expect will continue to drop further as currently only 50% of premises with a service available are connected. I suggest it is reasonable to expect that those wanting 100Mbs (aka early adopters) would have been in the first 50% connected so the remaining 50% will connect at 12 or 25Mbps.

Your assumption is that Labor's FTTP budget was anywhere close to accurate. Considering in 2007 they started with a $5b budget for FTTN (12Mbps) I doubt it. Money is my main concern.

The NBN should be about nation building and based on Labor's predictions and the evidence so far both plans are going to have about the same outcome. A few people who want more than 50Mbps will need to move or install fibre but they are a small minority. I guess the equivalence highlights Labor's gross incompetence.

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