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I think you're making assumptions, unless you've read stories elsewhere that provided more information.

If InterDigital was never part of developing the 3G/4G standards, their parts are not FRAND/SEP and they can charge whatever they want. If so Microsoft might be unhappy about being asked to pay more than others.

Now maybe they have a standard pricing schedule, either due to FRAND or because they just decided to do it that way. If so Microsoft is free to object, and see if they can get a better deal in court. Like I said, it is also possible they're trying to pull a fast one like Motorola and charge based on the price of the device rather than the chip that implements the technology. That's a no-no where FRAND is concerned (or at least that's what courts have said so far) but if these patents aren't FRAND then there's nothing really stopping them from charging that way unless Microsoft can find a legal argument that a court will accept.

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