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>Could a 'fork' of Linux be developed that went back to the basics of IoT system requirements and thus produced an IoT OS kernel that was small, well understood and had the advantages of years of bug clearouts?

You might, but in many cases you might choose to use an OS that already satisfies your requirements.... QNX, for example, is roughly a tenth of the size of the Linux kernal and has been used in industrial control for decades. VxWorks has been used in aerospace, industrial control and medical applications for a similar period.

So, having been used for decades and being small makes these OSs more likely to be 'better understood'. And, unlike most flavours of Linux, they are also 'Real Time OSs' which is essential for some embedded applications.

Linus was being sensible and honest when he suggested that trying to squash Linux to resemble these existing OSs is largely a waste of time.

[ I have used proprietary OSs as my examples]

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