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So, is "Dark Matter" or "Dark Energy" some form of matter or energy different to what we already know, or just "Normal" matter and energy we've not yet been able to see due to it being so faint or far away we've not noticed it yet?

I do note with interest that the percentage of "Dark Matter/Energy" we think makes up for the "missing" matter/energy to account for the universe expansion seems to have been downgraded in light of the discovery of more "normal" matter/energy, eg these new dwarf galaxies. Unless there is something special about our galaxy, I suppose we should assume that we are average and that the other 100 billion galaxies also have dwarf galaxies orbiting them. Should we expect the "missing" matter percentage to fall again and have even less "Dark Matter/Energy" to go looking for?

Maybe it's all just normal matter and we simply haven't identified it yet and need better detectors?

After all, the postulation of Dark Matter/Energy is, until some is found, just a "fudge" to account for the lack of observable matter and our idea of how much is needed to drive the observed apparent expansion of the universe.

PS IANAS[cientist] but listen to The Infinite Monkey Cage ;-)

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