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Ray Foulkes

A little problem as an example...

I just so happen to be doing battle with a PCB drawing package at the moment. It is the defunct Winboard from disappeared IVEX. To give credit to Wine Winboard certainly runs better on Wine than it does on later versions of Windows where it won't even load. It loads and apparently runs with no reported errors, missing dlls or anything, but using it is like trying to work through a thick brown fog. Where the background of the PCB used to be black with white grid dots, it is now mustard brown. Only the top and first layers are visible, the others are lost in the pollution. Don't even think about me unpicking the code of Wine and fixing the problem myself; I am not competent.

Codeweavers product produces the same result but they have at least been kind enough to look at the problem. Meanwhile I am considering the somewhat more complex solution of running Windows 2000 under VMPlayer on Linux to get a working piece of software before the hardware running W2000 gives up the ghost. VMPlayer because I am a VMware user running Windows 8.1 on Centos host because of Turbocad. I don't even want to try installing Turbocad under Wine.

There are legion examples of technical software that is in thrall to Windows. Another package from RS requires excel.exe as well! Don't get too optimistic about Wine on non-mainstream software.

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