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Hmm, you've clearly not used it. IMO Win8 is an improvement on 7 with the caveat that you need to spend an afternoon sorting out the start screen (uninstall the crApps, create logical groups for your daily driver software etc) and learning some keyboard shortcuts (irony!). Use is exclusively on a multi-monitor desktop machine, no touch screens. It handles multiple desktops better than Win7 too.

Well I have used it and would tend to take issue with some of this. The question is, has been and always will be why you need to bugger about with the startpanel, winkey combos and stuff when W7 did all that in a relatively logical fashion (it wasn't perfect but it required much less frobnication than W8.x). As for multiple desktops, there I'd agree if it wasn't for some of the third party addons you could use to overcome this. (To be brutally honest, many of the Linux UIs had this trick down years ago!)

Now, I prefer it to the restricted Win7 start menu design. I realise I'm in a tiny minority here tho ;-)

I disagree with your opinion but will staunchly defend your right to express it.

I will move to Win10 soon at work so I can test out all our software with it, but it looks like they've adopted a 'worst of both worlds' approach to some of the UI :-(

In some ways, yes. It's certainly an improvement over the startpanel of W8.x but the cut down feel of the main area felt inferior to the classic menu from W9x/W2K/WXP and I have no use for the tiled apps at all which was why I was glad to see that Classic Shell worked on W10. With that loaded, W10 felt much better. If it wasn't for all the snooping and the compulsory upgrades, I'd probably have left it on my test machine.

I'm with you all the way on the 'flat design' shite though...

Definitely. My biggest worry right now is that a number of Linux UIs are beginning to ape this look and feel (example - KDE5 screenshot).

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