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It's 2015, and someone can pwn Windows PCs by inserting a USB stick

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Bitlocker is enabled by default in Windows 10. Not with the most secure possible settings mind you, but it's still on which makes accessing a disk via booting from USB somewhat more challenging...

That's a bit of a stupid move from a data recovery POV. Is it clearly explained to users before being done that unless they have regular backups (which experience tells me less than 1% of computer users do) then they're all-but guaranteed to lose their data?

I understand the reasoning behind full disk encryption[1], but forcing it on people could be a problem because users simply do not grasp the need for backups. They see machines run for year after year with few if any problems, they have no concept how quickly disks can fail when something does go wrong.

I hope MS makes a decent effort to educate people about backups, and get a nice simple system back like that which was in XP, not sure on 7 but the one on 8 was nasty from a computer illiterate home user POV.

[1]The servers that handle customer databases and other customer data/files are completely encrypted and as secure as we can make them. Outside of these and a few other things that handle people's data, I do not myself use any encryption. For most people it's simply another level of unnecessary complexity.

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