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The death of old media...

But, will fibre come anywhere close to being as practical as satellite delivery? I doubt it.

Really?! About Eighteen (or so..), months ago I might have agreed with you, that this Internet TV thing was just a silly fad. A pipe dream if you like. I can remember dabbling with this "tech" all the way back to the ends of the last millennium (~1999-2000), watching live streams of independent broadcasters on the Web via primitive ADSL. The Content was mostly primitive, by todays standards, and really felt more like an alpha test to see what could be done, and if anyone could actually find it. Much to my chagrin I totally blanked out in during that whole Five year window where the local Radio Station would stream live Sporting events over the Internet. Before those governing bodies discovered that there was Gold in them there Hills, and put a stop to that practice.

Taking that rather cynical view towards IPTV, as a whole. You'd be right to address the above point. Problem is though IPTV is morphing into the next delivery method, at least here on the continent, since about 2008 I'd say.

But, if you really want to read the tee-leaves then Just look at the latest Disney Stock Price... This decline is do much for the same reasons above. Why pay for sub-par ESPN to watch whatever they care to broadcast at you.. When you could spend the same amount on, and follow your Team 'round for the entire 162 Game Season. and have the option to use the Radio Only part of At-Bat for free?! With that Sub?!

Its almost a shame that DT, or BT are gonna end up being the ones to make IPTV a thing... In essence becoming that one thing I despise above all else a Cable Co. But, this will be the final outcome at some point. The only question is will net neutrality be enough to keeb that side of the Net at bay, should we still actually prefer or Live TV though the Air, Geo-Sync, or Cable? Its perhaps actually why I refuse to use such a service either internet via Cable Co. or TV from an ISP. is so far, that I don't want to see any monolithic like US Cable Co's suddenly cropping up 'round me.

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