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'm truly interested: do all you precious "no battery swap" luddites actually buy a second battery for each phone? How do you charge them? Do you actually have to buy a special charger?"

personaly, i dont need an extra battery. i need to be able to either

1) pull the battery if something bad happens

2) change the battery when the old one doesnt do as well as it used to

3) buy a bigger mAH than stock battery (not done that on the 4 but did previously)

i need a new battery for my note 4 - it doesnt last all day any more. my phone is on wifi, 4g, gps, bluetooth and calls almost constantly for about 10 hours a day, every day. this takes its toll. its a note 4 and has a big, colorful screen

i am convinced that fast charging on the sammys (which actually is fucking awesome and i will miss this feature) degrades the battery more than contraventional charging. but, hey, £12 get me a new one. thats £12. i'll say it again. £12

"I can't help feel you're all secret poster-bois for some particular brand of phone whose only differentiating feature now is a swappable battery and an SD slot," could i be a poster boi for a product that i have owned many versions of for the last 6 years, and am now saying that i wont be buying a new one because they are no good anymore? if anything, i am an anti fanboi. you, on the other hand, taste suspiciously appley.

" though I haven't a clue (and nor do I particularly care) what. "

really - i wonder why you bothered to post then? i dont mind, gives me an opportunity to point out what a dick you are. read on.

"Seriously, get a USB charger and feel the joy of thousands more milli-amp-hours, the convenience of not having to switch your phone off and fiddle about with batteries, easy recharging and the ability to charge other devices. "

i have got quite a few chargers. one came with my phone if i remember correctly...i bought some more too. yes, i definitely have heard of usb chargers. thanks for pointing it out though. amazingly, i cant charge my phone all day long, as i am out and about. and yes, i have a charger in my car too.

"Oh, and get a cheap data plan and forget about extra storage. It's not that big a step, but it really doesn't change your life that much, believe me."

no, it doesnt change your life, because your life isnt the same as mine. hence the disparity. i have a 128gb sd card in my sammy. its got all my music on it and photos. it means, that when i am somehwhere where there is no reliable net connection or wifi, i can have access to my stuff. i was in Tunisia recently, costs are something like £5 per megabyte of data.

my data plan has a 4gb limit on it. it is a Vodafone one net platform that links 3 virtual landlines to my phone. i cannot change it for a "cheap tarriff" with another provider, and nor would i.

my phone is a business tool that is essential to me.

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