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Spare batteries are cheap and small, and give me a fully charged and rebooted phone in less than a minute. I have a 22400mah powerpack, it's big and its heavy (far, far heavier than the 5 batteries equivalent) and it's not very useful or practical tethering that to the phone for hours when I'm hiking and trying to use my phone as a gps, especially in bad weather (did I mention to weight again?). As for data plans, I don't have a dsl/fibre/wifi/etc connection to my house, I depend on the connection from my Note for all my internet inc tethering. There's also pretty much no wifi in the country where I live, and that's especially the case when I'm hiking and camping, or driving, let alone going abroad. Not to mention I have no desire to be handing my data to some spying corporation/government. You might not need these things, but you're not me and don't try to tell me I don't need them simply because your mind is too unimaginative to consider that others have other needs and live in other circumstances..

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