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Now take your time and I try to understand, it really isn't that complicated...

Re the SD card thing, some of us have LOTS of audio/video stuff on our devices, sometimes we may suspect that the internal storage on a new phone ain't going to last X months once a gazillion OS and app updates land, I mean what kind of idiot would buy a phone without wondering if it would run out of space before you choose/have the option to replace it...

Would you choose to buy a car (assuming you are old enough to drive that is) that had a 2 litre fuel tank, when you KNOW that it would not get you to home, work and back again...?

Also some people live in places (often referred to as the 'countryside') where data connections can be a bit shite.

Here (in blightly) data connections can be very flaky IN THE MIDDLE OF A BIG CITY ffs...

Why would I WANT to have to lug another gizmo around to charge up the first gizmo when it runs out of juice? So I would have TWO f'ing things to charge up when I get home???

If this is your idea of progress, I have a bridge for sale...

Have a nice day!


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