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Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?

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"I cannot imagine making the desk space for such a beast!"

We adjust to any increase in size or speed very soon - and then can't believe we ever used something as slow/small as the previous one.

My nominal 21" CRT monitor in about 2000 cost about £700 and was very bulky and very, very heavy. Replacing it with an LCD was disappointing - not the same contrast and clarity. However - modern monitors have mostly sorted the visual problems - and weigh very little.

I even started taking wide-screen monitors into the office as a "test" for spreadsheet work - as the 4:3 company issue ones were like looking through a keyhole.

I currently use a 1920x1200 27" - but find it time consuming to access the overlapped multiple windows in a run I do once a week. Going to a second wide screen would not solve the problem of screen height. A screen that is larger both vertically and horizontally would do the job nicely.

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