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Well, any labelling system needs to be clear about what exactly it means, for both consumers and others.

The biggest issue with HD Ready was that, unless people did their research beforehand, they often assumed it meant one thing (ready and capable of receiving HD broadcasts) when it really meant another (capable of displaying stuff from an HD source plugged into it). The (separate, and later) HDTV spec meant there was a receiver/decoder inside.

The original spec didn't mention resolution (not such an issue with 4k), and was a bit vague on connectivity, too.

Given that there are likely to be both Phase 1 and Phase 2 specs for UHD, and that some of those may include HDR, and higher frame rates, and that older versions of HDMI won't support 4K, let alone those extra things, it would be good to have some clear marking so that consumers aren't confused.

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