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Data centre disk use is spinning down – Wikibon report

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Nice to see Wikibon more or less in line with my own thoughts on the matter. All companies having a "Tier 0" flash tier by 2020 that handles potentially up to 50% of workloads that would normally be considered "Tier 1". By 2025ish the whole of Tier 1 moved to Flash (or a post-flash technology).

I think it's possible we'll be able to build enough foundries to handle that.

It's where people start saying stupid things like "nearline storage will be replaced by flash" or "Tier 1 will be all flash within the next [insert very short timeframe here]" that I start getting tetchy. No, we damned well don't have the fab capacity for either of those scenarios.

I don't think nearline storage will ever be replaced by flash. It will probably take a post-flash technology to do the job. Meanwhile, Tier 0 applications will be on post-flash technologies by the time we've moved "all" Tier 1 applications to flash (2025ish).

Tier 2 and lower applications will still likely be on hybrid storage for a long time to come.

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