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I was looking into Windows 10 replacement media for clients that were upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8. We are doing some preliminary testing for an upgrade in a domain environment in the next few months. They wanted to take advantage of the free upgrade. Of course the subject of what do we do after the free 12 month download is over, and we need to clean install a machine because of a virus or something like that. I initially talked to the support line (which now seems to be 100% in India with this transition HP is making). They told me you would have to buy a full version from Microsoft. I figured this had to be wrong, so I called the HP Parts department. They still do not have a SKU for Windows 10 Media, but they seemed to think it might be as long as 6 months before you can purchase replacement media. It would be nice to use a Windows 10 Pro OEM CD to do a full clean install. Remove the old 7 and 8 restore partitions (on machines that had them) that would no longer be used. I was thinking El Reg might want to follow up with the various OEM folks to see what kind of response they get.

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