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They could leave themselves wide open for claims of incompetence, intentionally poor security and data mis-management, as well as obvious court cases.

Unlikely, because they are a UK company. "Class action" exists only as a political fiction in this country, and the chances of the general public having the resources to take a private legal action against a group with turnover of £10bn.... The worst that the clowns can face is a paltry fine from the ICO - limited to at most half a million quid. Dixons Carphone is a business that made almost £400m pre tax profit last year. Does anybody round here think they give a flying **** about the prospect of a fine of the order of half of a percent of profit?

One thing I find particularly damning is that the incompetent twerps used email to communicate their insincere and inadequate apology. How many people will simply ignore that as a scam?

Lets be realistic: The directors of Dixons Carphone aren't personally affected by this. The executive directors have average "remuneration" of about £1.2m each - so that's about £60k a month, every month, even after tax, so they aren't in the same universe as the people whose data has been nicked. And even if they were made to walk the plank, they all hold shares with typical values around £5m. These clueless fatcats are loafing around in first class, quaffing champagne, laughing at the idea that their investors might cop a £500k fine, and smirking at the fact that customers might be subject to fraud as a result of Dixons Carphone incompetence.

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