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How many Win 10 PCs were in distribution the week before launch?

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We are on version 10 of what should by now be a mature product and Microsoft still haven't got to grips with the concept of there being three (not two) states to updating pc's. Those states being Successful, Unsuccessful, and Limbo (needing a rollback). This is particularly important when dealing with Consumer pc's, where (1) the owner might interrupt something that's happening even though the process categorically tells them not to (2) they do not have the skills or equipment to figure out a recovery strategy.

With the Windows 10 rollout: How long did the testing phase go on for? How many testers had this problem?

For the record, the laptop that had the limbo problem was a Dell Inspiron N5110. The failure message was C1900101-3000D Unknown Error.

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