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Lots of engineering relies on known, quantifiable methods to achieve nearly the same exact results as 100s or 1000s of nearly identical projects.

Only for pre-built housing. Each bridge (or ship) is its own development. Corners may be cut even there of course but the corner cutting the development projects is beyond ridiculous, frankly mafia-styling building (as seen in such countries as Italy, Greece, Southern France, Japan, Afghanistan etc.)

And we most certainly don't have formal mathematical verification methods.

We most certainly do and they are getting better. The fact that people don't bother to learn about these ("I'm a developer, not a mathematician") and prefer to start hacking wildly (going so far as to ignore compiler warnings and fart in the general direction of lint) just is testimony to the utter immaturity and irrealism prevalent in the "industry".

And security vs ease of use is not nearly as much in tensuon in most engineeing fields.

This is best solved by applying a label on the box "consumer-grade, use at own risk" vs "pretty good, comes with assurance and insurance, pay more". This already happens today but the message is intentionally mixed. For example, a pretty expensive but rather lousy WinNT is targeted to the whole range of demands, with the sole differentiator the price (a "feel good about this" pricing model). In all cases, if something happens, you are on your own. That's not the way to do it.

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