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"Failure, the consequences of failure, and being part of the vector for such failures, part of the attack surface creation, has become such a widely accepted 'cost of doing business' that by and large, it carries no real cost. Some bad publicity? Sure, but we can always say 'the X did it, and they're nasty'. Or 'well, it happens to everybody'."

Unfortunately, what you describe is a natural human progression. Especially in business, one of the driving goals is to reduce risk. Because when you reduce risk, you raise the odds of a payoff, and when you do that, you encourage investment, so risk becomes a two-way amplifier, especially in a competitive market. So it becomes second nature for businesses to dodge risk. Why do you think the Limited Company (in America, the Limited Liability Company) was established in the first place? Because people weren't willing to risk the farm on an investment.

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