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To be fair to the vendors, they are damned either way as things stand. They either maximise interoperability and therefore have lowest common denominator security or else they fix the security problem and get vilified for "vendor lock in" and refusal to adopt "open standards". The ZigBee arguments apply equally go ZWave.

WiFi simply isn't an option for many of these devices due to power issues and Bluetooth LE doesn't currently have the routing sophistication to solve range problems. That only leaves the EnOcean, Insteon, Lutron approach of proprietary protocols - which may well actually be security through (relative) obscurity in terms of the black hat target list.

The real nasty in the IoT\HA space in my view is the creeping acceptance of "cloud" BS (I'm looking at you: NEST, SmartThings, HoneyWell, GE\Wink), potentially exposing these control systems to hackery from anywhere on the planet.

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