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Shouldn't be a problem in Linux these days, but as a guide that's just as applicable to BSD as Linux. Your CRT may involve extra effort.

1) Research the wireless card before buying it. Don't just expect it to work.

2) For a dual monitor configuration, use the Nvidia binary drivers and double check their compatibility. Buy a card on that compatibility list, and run both monitors off the same card.

If you can't run Nvidia binary drivers (OpenBSD, FreeBSD) research the cards first, and on the BSDs multiple monitors *must* be run off the same card.

SteamOS does not like CRTs or 4:3 monitors in some cases (Nvidia card, can't remember which). That problem doesn't exist with normal Linux or the BSDs.

I can tell you that Nvidia cards happily run dualhead under BSD and Linux, in addition to Windows.

If you're connecting to your monitor through a KVM switch, and sometimes when you're not, the graphics card may not be able to identify the resolutions supported by the CRT. You'll have to dig into the joys of modelines and horizontal/vertical frequencies in xorg.conf to fix that.

I love my CRTs, but they are more hassle to use these days. If you want an easy life, use a TFT with DVI.

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