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Indeed. Your point is quite well covered in last year's "Why Linux Sucks" presentation by Bryan Lunduke

... as a dev of all platforms, master of none, and [primarily] Linux user at home myself, i always like his 'Linux sucks presentations, as they always cut to the heart of such things that slow down its paths.

That being said, I think the case in point of ffmpeg/libav is more of an issue for distro managers than end-users. In my last job, [a Debian platform] I was asked by my manager [Who'd heard the rumours] to initiate a migration from ffmpeg -> avconv/libav for the back end transcoding... after a very short time of investigation I felt it was best to maintain the status quo... nothing was borked, nothing was going away, and in a matter of weeks Debian turned back to ffmpeg. "Phew, that was close", I thought, "I nearly had to update a few scripts"

Does that, perhaps coupled with other issues in Bryan Lunduke's presentation, mean that Linux is a less attractive desktop O/S than Windows... I think that's down to end-user familiarity and choosing an O/S which runs what your friend/colleague's does... and the end-user of any O/S, unless they're a techie, doesn't care if their video conversion is using this library or that.

Sure, it slows down the forward development. But, I'd rather have a slower forward development that forks and splinters and by natural selection lets the crap ideas die, than the closed corporate directed Fordism of Windows / OSX. We shouldn't be in so much of a hurry to get a new O/S that we worry if such debates take time.

That's not to bash Windows and OSX for what they are good at, which is in the first instance a really stable and integrated business system and the second instance [for me in my own world] the system which happens to run the best audio production software platform. I have several Linux machines, a couple of OSX machines and a couple of Windows machines... I use each to what each is best geared for.

Bottom line: these sorts of arguments/battles/forks happen in closed source too, we just don't hear about them so much. If the transparency of Open Source means that its arguments turn people off, I personally shrug and say "so what" ... I far prefer argument and the slowing down of progress than dictatorship or trend following any day. Whether that means Linux is/n't ready for the [average user] desktop or not, doesn't really bother me, and I'm not really sure why it is ever a talking point other than for punditry sake.

LibAV People's Front? ... splitters.

Beer = something to wash down these Otter's Noses.

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