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No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad

Hans 1 Silver badge

>Here's the thing: those faithful love Microsoft. There's a reason that most (90 per cent!) people happily prefer Windows to Mac OS X, and buy Windows machines. They're comfortable with the experience.

No they are not, most cling to Windows XP/Vista/7 with claws out, THEY DON'T WANT 8, I am talking drones, here, like, for example, the receptionist. They won't want 10, once word comes out MS has NOT re-instated the start menu and COMPLETELY REMOVED Metro-style apps.

They mostly cannot afford a Mac and don't know where to get a decent OS without bothering an IT friend.

>Those same people run Android or iOS on their phones – because they like the experience and have yet to be convinced that Microsoft offers something better. But they're converts waiting to happen, if only Microsoft would give them something to love.

Read my response above, you sir, are full of wishful thinking.

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