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Chinese Companies taking over a Tech Market..?

Well, gee, that's never happened before (cough, cough)

Here's where we are: Smartphone hardware has reached the point where "flagship" phones are really nothing more than an overpriced extravagance. Apple's ecosystem will buy them some goodwill for a while until the average price of a decent mid-range phone sinks to somewhere between half to a third of the price of their current offering. Samsung and all the other major Android makers are just on the way out.

This is precisely what happened in the PC market. IBM and all the other "Big Boys" were eventually supplanted by Taiwanese manufacturers like Acer and Asus, who destroyed their market by driving the margins down to 3-5%.

Virtually all the current big name Tech companies are products of the PC market. A few, like Sony, managed to re-emerge after lying fallow for many years, but most, like NEC and Digital Equipment Corp, have either exited the market or exited business altogether.

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