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Norton for Windows 10 is NOT a box-borking beta, insists Symantec


I'm a computer builder who has used Norton 10 years. Now, using Windows 7 - and not planning to update to Windows 10 - Norton is forcing me to update to their Windows 10 update - bugging me every 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the last week to update to it. I tried everything to stop their update - went into task manager - msconfig and startup options, everything. So finally, sick of their bugging me and constant interruption to update - I bit the bullet and accepted the update. Guess what - after an incredible barrage of stuff - uninstalling my present Norton, then Reinstalling with Norton MRnr - it was finally loaded. And then - it acted as if nothing was done and began to bug me the same as before - every 15 to 30 minutes. I've gone through this 3 times now - and it's the same loop - there is no end - Norton update has gone insane and I'm just about ready to drop it forever!!!!!!!. I called Norton and they acted as if they had never heard of this. Wake up Norton. At least put a button in your update that will give us the option of refusing it - instead of - Remind Me Later - because that is 15 - 30 minutes later - and your update is acting like a recalcitrant virus!!!

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