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You've had no problems with Win10? Seems unlikely!

That's rather obnoxiously confrontational (and I should know, as someone who specializes in obnoxious confrontation). But I too have to be suspicious of anyone who claims to have had no problems with an OS.

I've used dozens of OSes (taking the term broadly), from the built-in monitors of 8-bit home machines to a range of minis; CP/M to MS-DOS to OS/2 to Windows from 2 to 7 (workstation and server); more flavors of UNIX than I can count; an assortment of Linux distributions from early days to the present; VAX VMS; VM/CMS; MVS with TSO and CICS and IMS running on top; no doubt others that slip my mind.

I've had problems with every single one of them. If there's a perfect OS out there, I've never seen it.

So when I see someone claim no problems with WIndows 10, I have to assume they're not asking much of it.

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