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The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term. I used to run nothing but Linux and every year I would trot down to PC World and hand over another chunk of cash to replace the smashed laptop from the previous year.

First of all, wtf were you doing to keep smashing laptops each year? Lugging computers around isn't unusual for laptops of most varieties but I have yet to see a really badly damaged machine (apart from a Toshiba Lifebook that I got back from one user which was coming apart at the hinge, though the machine in question was over ten years old!)

Second, why were you buying them from PC World? Goodness knows there are better value machines out there!

Sure, there are PCs that can take the same treatment but they also cost a lot and I don't get a fully supported UNIX like I do with a Mac.

No, you don't. You can, however, find Unix out there if you need it.

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