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It is indeed rather easier to find than the article gives the impression of. Turning it off was one of the first things I did followed rapidly by switching off the setting for web search when you use the search icon. (Just go in to "*Cortana and Search" in settings). 'When I want to search the web I'll open my browser, when I want to search my pc that is what I want to do without some gigantic list of pointless web hits confusing the issue. If they activate Cortana here in Norway she'll get switched off on my machine - that I can promise you. If you go into "settings", "privacy" and finally "general" you will find a great deal you may wish to evaluate turning off. Final tip if you have Win 10 installed on a tablet (Thinkpad 8 HD in my case) and you do not want Win 10 booting to tablet mode by default just right click on the tablet mode button in the notification centre and the link you will see takes you straight to the page in "settings" where you can change the default.

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