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Excellent analogy. One of my pet-peeves with Windows 8 and by extension Windows 10 is that programs are called "apps". I always believed that was the case so that people would think they had to buy their programs from Microsoft's app store, thus Microsoft gets their cut.

I also believe that Microsoft kept trying to unify the platforms because they believe analysts who said the PC was dying. Unify the platforms, people get used to Metro UI, as the PC dies they will be so familiar with Metro that they will want a tablet with one too. The problem with all that is analysts get paid to make predictions, not to be right; generally speaking, they couldn't predict 12:30 at 12 noon. The PC will not die because tablets are not acceptable tools for real computer work. For instance, all day typing can be done on a tablet, but it is much better on a laptop or desktop. The PC is not dying, Microsoft did not need to unify.

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