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For me both their tablet pc (Surface/3, Surface/Pro) and phones are just fine. Using a full sized OS with a full sized CPU solves a lot of problems I had with Android tablets including "Wannabee", the Not10.1 "I want to be a tablet pc". Even the Atom powered Surface/3 (heck, even the old Samsung Ativ 500) where a lot better in handling complex documents (and more than one of them). Where the No10.1 was desperatly pedaling with all its poor lil cores the Intel units always seemed a bit bored and task manager seemed to ask "that's all".

Same with Lumnia Phones. For my use I have all the apps I need on a stable platform with good offline navigation (useful in the border region I live in) that does not reboot itself twice weekly. That the 99€ L535 even feels a lot sturdier than the Not2 is another strike against VEB Plaste and Elaste Korea with their Confederated Airpuck.

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