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What has kept Mac ownership down amongst folk I know is quite simply price. Those that have seen and experienced them seem to think they're rather nice, but simply can't afford them. I know that buying refrubed kit or using second-hand kit gifted them by a wealthier friend that's just bought new is common.

And over the years, every now and then someone asks me to set up a Linux box for them (I'm in the process of doing so now, as it happens). All I've ever done is make sure that friends are at least aware that an alternative, in the form of Linux exists, and if they;'e expressed interest in seeing it, I've shown them what it's like. Every now and then one of 'em takes the plunge, finds it isn;t so scary after all and happily joins the penguinistas. But I wouldn;t be at all surprised if they came into some money if they went and bought themselves some Apple kit, whereas the only reason any would have for buying Windows again (and it's a reason that's growing less forceful by the year) is to play games on. And not that many people (amongst those i know) play the kinds of games that need the lastest Windows kit.

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