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The cost of entry into Mac OS X may be higher in the short term but it pays off in the longer term.

Well there is the problem, staring you in the face ... all democratic governments, almost all corporations, and most people, are insanely short term.

And most people I encounter have no grasp of the concept of Windows or an OS. They genreally think Windows means Word, and assume the UI is a function of the vendor, same way that phone vendors have custom skins on Android phones.

When friends and family bring me their malware infested XP machines, they mostly say "it is sick, make it better" and I put Linux on it. Two years later, they bring it back for an upgrade. (Since I do not give them the ability to Sudo). No complaints.

If they say "but I want Windows" I say "well take it back where you got it from - they are the Windows people". The machine normally goes in a cupboard somewhere, and they may buy a new one. Or get a tablet.

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