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Let's take this apart statement by statement:

Mac iOS/x = What is this? After correct this turns into OS X and iOS.

Neither OS X or iOS are based on FreeBSD. They are based on a Mach microkernel with some FreeBSD user land. It is also not Linux.

Mac Desktop was NOT copied from Linux desktop. You understand that OS X 'desktop' was based on Finder - The Mac Experience, which predates Linux by 17 years. GNU Linux is in fact a clone of Unix itself.

Comparisons of a Mac to any 'Intel i3, i5, i7 pc laptops' do not find that the 'Pc laptops' are built to a higher specification at all. Quite the opposite in fact when comparing machines at the same price point. The 'Apple Tax' has long since been demonstrated to be FUD. Such a sweeping generalisation can be nothing but trolling, so I dare you to find a £300 'Pc laptop' which is built to a higher specification than any Mac to support your statement.

World wide class action law 'suite' - There is no such thing. Correcting this turns it into a 'law suit'. There *is* a number of class actions in the US over various things: iMessages being lost, iOS8 missing space, in-app purchases, retail workers and more. Some with more merit than others, but Apple has a large coffer of cash, so I mean why not. People need to be protected from this dreadful company right?

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