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The true Microsoft facts

The American media would have America people believe that M$ still has 90% of the world market which is far far from the truth. more like 20% these days, out side the states, Microsoft have lost 85% of their business partners over the last 15 yrs, through their heavy handed dictatorship

They too have moved to developing and supporting Free open source Linux operating systems and software. Governments across the world have moved to using Linux. It was reported last month that Microsoft had attempted to black mail the UK law makers by threatening to pull their developments out of the UK. that didn’t workout the way MS thought it would. The government said they would show Microsoft the shortest route out of the UK. They also tried the same thing with Denmark and India that didn't work either,

China have band windows on all government systems France and Spain education and governments departments used Linux. The French Police use Linux, The list goes on and on. Even the American government, white house, US Navy and Home Land Security use Linux, For those of you that can't except what being said then visit the website where 200 of the worlds top hardware manufactures are paying members of the Linux foundation, That will open your eyes, Then you'll learn why Linux is the worlds fastest most dominant operating system. that runs on 488 of the worlds top 500 fastest computers. Do a web search for 50 places Linux is running. That's another eye opener for the disbelievers. What more can be said that's good about Microsoft period

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