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Time, stages and granularity


I actually filled in the form and downloaded the slides.

Still could not find a methodology or definition of what or how 'time' was measured on each of the devices. My Blackberry Bold (does that even count as a smartphone these days?) is on 24/7. But I'm interacting with it in short fractally distributed bursts.

This laptop is on for a tenth of the time of the phone, but it gets an hour at a time of concentrated attention.


Phone -> Laptop may be a coming of age thing? As one grows out of School / College the proportion of one's time spent on 'social' may decrease in favour of focussed activity. Just wondering about the underlying assumption in this research that what 18 - 34 age group do *now* will be the same going forward. Could it be that as the tasks associated with each stage of life change then the tools we overgrown chimps use may change as well.


18 - 34 covers a *huge* set of transitions in a life path - major differentiation of roles &c.

This needs to be split 18-24 ish then 25-35 ish at the very least.

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