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Well, aye, but to be fair, they're just copying the situation that is the norm with most portable computers on the planet - 'smart phones'. Which objects I find terribly frustrating as they tend to do no more than a mediocre job of being an effective means of voice communication, and an utterly lousy one of being a personal computer. I'd rather they either just be phones, or just be phones that can send SMS messages, or actually be proper handheld computers (which means I am root and have full control over what goes into the thing, thank you!) that can douible up as phones. But that's just me.

Most of the world seems utterly happy signing away their privacy and security to strangers on their handheld computing device, so it's a logical notion to expect they may be Ok with it on their desktop and laptop devices too. I can't fault MS for spotting the business opportunity there. I do criticse them (and all the other companies with the same attitude towards their products, erm, I mean customers - Looking at you especially, Google!) for being unethical offspring of dubious parentage.

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