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Microsoft's Windows 10 Torrent-U-Like updates GULP DOWN your precious bandwidth


@The_Idiot Re: Sharing such files over the LAN should help...

+1000 this.

Inconsiderate, arrogant fuckers. That's my metered bandwidth your sharing; ask me first.

BitTorrent asks me first.

OS X Caching Service asks me first.

Linux caches and proxies ask me first.

Even Flash asks me first IIRC, FFS!

Yes, local network caching is a good idea. I think Macs should do that too, without you needing a server. But this M$ behaviour puts Apple's hubris to shame.

Notice here that the peer-to-peer aspect means you can't really control any client once you've given it access. So, together with Wi-Fi Sense, you have even more good reasons to refuse Windows entry.

UPnP IGD (or the nicer NAT-PMP/PCP) isn't evil. It's broken hosts and NAT that are. Fix and get rid of those so your apps can't open up backdoors or fail to function, respectively.

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