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"Not even if the update files are signed?"

Obviously I am well out of my depth in terms of such matters... MD5 hash or some-such? Being a noob on Linux I rely on the prescribed suppositories, cough. I have 'torrented' distributions in the past as directed by the maintainers websites but, guess what.... I did not check the checksums. OK I did once or twice.

Granted.. similar concerns may well apply to 'torrenting' Linux.

Of course being a dimbulb I have a level of trust driven in part by the belief that Linux does not represent much of an interest to your average miscreant. Given the popularity of Windows, coughs again, if I were to be an 'evil eyetalian bastard' then on finding out that they have implemented this I would be hammering it really hard to find the flaw that gives me 'an in'.


"Not even if the update files are signed?"

The answer is NO.

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