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How come...?

It's 2015 already.

How come there isn't a little 'Internet Connection Cost' dialog box where one could inform the OS about the nature of the connection? The type of connection, nominal speed, nominal latency, the monthly data cap, the cost per usage, etc. If one is using (for example) satellite access at several dollars per MB, then it would be nice if one could easily let the OS know to hold all updates by itself or other software until further notice. The OS might even take a guess based on available information, and act accordingly.

How come when you pick up a gadget and wake it up, it's very common that it will choose that point in time to start checking for, downloading,and installing updates? Why not do all this when the human puts the gadget down? The OS could make explicit efforts to stay out of the human's way. Perhaps there should be a button for 'I'm going for supper, now is a good time to do some updates.' Presently, it's as if they're trying to be annoying.

How come the managers at the coder drone companies haven't figure these things out already?

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