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"..... It's part of a change in design towards using "microservices"....." <Yawn> Ever heard of mainframes? And containers in general is just a re-rehash of resource management software that's been in proprietary UNIX for over a decade.

".....Redundancy and reliability are supposed to be designed into the application system from the ground up, rather than something which is tacked onto the outside afterwards by an administrator...." Which sounds like exactly the schpiel the VMware reps used to spout, and how many flaky VMware implementations are there in the Real World?

".....As for whatever limitations you may think Solaris containers may have, that's not really relevant to this discussion because nobody is talking about Solaris in this discussion...." Slowaris Constrainers was mentioned in the article - duh!

Apologies if you have fallen for the hype (or maybe you're just peddling the hype) but there is really nothing new in containers at all.

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