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Or time for the NSA and GCHQ to put some of their mighty resources to squash some of these nasties.

I don't want them to give up on other stuff, but given that most recent terrorist attacks have been executed by perps known to the agencies which they have failed to follow up on they may as well divert some resources to stuff they are best placed to actually deal with.

Cash isn't all that reliable these days, I've had a few places recently refuse to take my folding stuff because they thought it was suspect. And don't get me started on the 'cash loaders' I have to use at work to charge up my staff card, they regularly fail to accept any notes so I go hungry.

Maybe if my company spent a billion or so less on football rights and just a little bit more on staff services things would be better?

But Mr Darroch tells me all is well so who am I to argue?

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