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How to quietly slurp sensitive data wirelessly from an air-gapped PC

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Given the level of paranoia in the security world these days, it may soon become necessary to completely hide airgapped computers within a form of microcosm where nothing ever enters or leaves the confines except meatbags. The airgapped area has opaque, anechoic, thermally-insulated walls, no windows, and is also a Faraday cage. All electrics come from a self-contained power source specific to that room (so no power fluctuations can be read outside). All metal must be left behind before entering, and people with pacemakers, metal skullplates, or other metallic implants probably can't be qualified due to ambiguous trust. That should knock out anything electric, which tends to require metal wires to work properly. Probably also need to make sure none of the employees have an eidetic memory.

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